Textures for Planets

Gallery of Worlds

The following planets were created using textures generated with default templates in Textures for Planets. Check out our blog post on how to create your own theme.

A terrestrial world like Earth


The terrestrial planet has polar caps, continents, oceans, and wispy clouds that randomly circle the planet.

A serene gas giant of blues and whites

Gas Giant

Storms swirl on the gaseous surface of this massive planet.

A black world with violent reds of magma and volcanic activities


Volcanoes and tectonic cracks leak magma onto the forming surface of this violent world.

A rock world with craters, gray and black


Just a rock with crater marks.

A wetland world with water snaking between lush green growth


A paradise for birds and small reptiles, the wetlands world is green marshland and blue water.

Savannah covers the continents on this terrestrial planet


A warm grassland world covered with blue oceans, clouds, and savannah.

A desert world with oceans at the poles


Too hot for much, this planet is a desert except at the poles which harbour several green and blue oasis regions.

An oceanic world with small islands


This oceanic paradise hosts several main islands with tropical plants and miles of beach.

A stormy cloud shielded world


Clouds of sulphuric acid shroud this hot planet doomed by its runaway greenhouse effect.

A swampy world with brown water and lush green growth


Covered in water, mud, and dense jungle this planet teams with life.

A tundral world with steppes, oceans, and clouds


Wild steppes stretch from polar cap to polar cap in this chillier version of Earth.

Ice world with blues, grays, whites, cracks, and craters


Orbiting far from its sun this ice planet or moon is cracked and cratered.

Clouds rendered for use on planets


Swirling terrestrial cloud systems can be rendered on their own or layered on surface textures.

Primordial planet with volcanos, oceans, dust clouds, and spreading vegetation


With cooling continents and warm oceans the primordial life starts to spread.

Tropical planet of blue oceans and jungled lands


This tropical world has warm oceans and lush green vegetation.

Dry lifeless planet


Dull dirt and rock cover the ground, not much to see here.

Not unlike Mars a planet with reds, browns, and craters


This dry and lifeless planet is too small and too far from its sun for oceans and an atmosphere.

Fungal planet with red fungal growth


The dark coloured land plants absorb infraded light on this small planet orbiting close to a red dwarf sun.

Alpine planet with mountains and clouds


This mountain world has green valleys, lakes, and snow peaks.