Textures for Planets


Please select the correct download for your computer below, and please see the tutorial page for instructions.

Download Installer for Windows 32 bit

Download Installer for Windows 64 bit

Download Just the Java Jar (Requires Java 7 or Higher)

Note that Textures for Planets recommmends at least 2GB memory to run.


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Release History

Version 2.0

Released on November 14, 2015 this version includes performance and memory improvements, new higher resolution planet colours, and improvement of cloud generation.

Version 1.3

Released on February 26, 2015 this version includes a Jar file only launcher which can work on Java enabled systems. It is only tested on Windows however may work on Mac and Linux machines. If you have errors or difficulties please email for support. It also adds a tropical planet colourizer.

Version 1.0

The initial release was January 18, 2015.